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Seneca Fall Comporee: Back to Basics

  • 16 Oct 2015
  • 18 Oct 2015
  • Camp Manidokan, 1600 Harpers Ferry Rd, Knoxville, MD 21758


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Seneca Fall Camporee:  Back to Basics

Patrol competitions & training in Pioneering, Orienteering, Leave No Trace, Signalling, First-Aid, Fire Building, Knot Tying and more!!


When: October 16-18, 2015   

Where: Camp Manidokan, Knoxville, MD (near Harpers Ferry)

Who: All Scouts, Venture Crews, Explorer Posts and Webelos (Webelos must attend with a troop)

*** T1097 is sponsoring the IWLA Webelos (i.e. future 1097'ers) if we get enough scouts to sign up, otherwise we'll need to cancel on them!  Please come!! ***

What: Patrol competition/training in Pioneering, Orienteering, Leave No Trace, Signalling, First-Aid, Fire Building, Knot Tying and more!!

Cost: Only $40 per person for a whole weekend of fun!

POC: Bill Majurski  


As you get Back to the Basics... 

...what skills should you bring?

You will travel across 230 acres of Appalachia on the day with your patrol, your supplies, your skills and your wits.  You will start the day constructing a travois which you will use to carry these supplies. As you travel you will come up on situations requiring your attention.  The following are a collection of skills that will be needed to complete the Back to Basics scenarios.  There will be no time to study on the trail.  You will use the knowledge you bring. Be Prepared!

What skills does your patrol need?  First Class requirements are a must.  Additional skills above and beyond these will earn extra points for you patrol.

The weekend is a Brains and Brawn competition. You will compete for points: at times alone with your patrol and other times against other patrols. Teamwork will be an important part of your weekend.  At the end of the weekend awards will go to those patrols who have Survived Appalachia the best and shown their Scout Spirit.

For that someone special in your unit there will be a Scoutmaster cook-off!

Skills you will use are...

Flag Ceremony
Raising and lowering ceremonies
Comportment, calling, flag management, uniform
Number of flags
Musical accompaniment
Bugler, songs
Patterns, special uniform, flourishes and personality
Fire building
(for increasing points)
Flint & Steel
Handmade Fire Piston
Friction using one of the following methods (Simple bow drill, Hand drill, Arctic mouth/strap drill, Pump fire drill, Fire thong)
First Aid
Severe cuts and bleeding

Shelter building
Tarp and staff(s)
Natural material

Morse and Semaphore
Hot drink on the trail
More to come...
Personal Fitness
Orienteering/Map and Compass
Basic route following
Varied terrain

Campfire skit (troop or patrol)
A component of ALL scenarios
Knots and lashings
Timed and practical
Construct device to carry your gear for the day
Sawing competition

Leave No Trace
Of course

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